Useful info
In order to participate, in order for you to have the code of your conference, simply submit via the website your full text, or, assign the summary of your contribution instead of the full text. We thank you very much for your cooperation.

Dates of Submissions

  1. The deadline for abstract submission is 11 March 2018.
  2. he deadline for submission of the complete article is 11 March 2018. ollowing this model,(download).

Participation Fees

  1. The participation fee covers the Participation, Accommodation, and the documents of "CERE'2018"
  2. Only for Tunisian participants, Payment by a purchase order, or by check. On behalf of the "Tunisian Association for Renewable Energy and the Environment"
  3. Metrical of the tax code: 000-N-P-1283632/F
  4. The identity of the bank account: ASSOCIATION ATERE (IBAN) :: TN59-0502-3000-0935-0094-7202

  5. Participation Fees
    • Student(500DT for Tunisians) (400 € for Foreigners)
    • University: (600DT for Tunisians) (500 € for Foreigners)
    • Industrial:(700DT for Tunisians) (600 € for Foreigners)
  6. Hotel accommodation: For participants who want to be in a single room, they must pay additional 25DT (12€) per night and per person.

place of residence

  1. Location : HOTEL Marhaba Palace **** City of Sousse (Tunisia)